Friday, June 19, 2009

16 and Pregnant....?????

It is so comforting to know that if I want to become MTV famous, I should just go back in time and become pregnant at 16 and then I can be on TV!! Seriously, please please NO!!! I know that it is supposed to be a show that informs people of the hard work and responsibility it is to have a baby. However, the episodes that I have seen just make me feel like the people put on the show are more into being on TV than having their child. That just makes me sad. I know a few people who have had a baby at a young age, but all of them behaved as adults and not like famewhores (Spiedi anyone?!)

On a good point, when you do get on MTV's web site for 16 and Pregnant is that all the advertisements around are for condoms. BRAVO!!

My favorite quote from the show: "after having my baby, I realized that they don't teach you how to take care of babies in high school" DUH!!!! Watch the show for more interesting tidbits of comments like that one :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making a cake from "New Moon" WHAT?!

(This isn't the cake that I am talking about, but you get the point).

Now, I enjoy the Twilight saga just like most of you out there. I read all four books, I own the first movie...etc. I even enjoy reading from time to time little info about whats going on at the New Moon set.

However, THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! I got on Twitter a minute ago and noticed the following post from In Stlye magazine: "Have Bella's Birthday Cake (And Eat It Too!)" It was all about that one scene in New Moon with Bella's *fake* birthday cake and how you could recreate it for yourself.


Make your own birthday cake! So what if he came out of a doesn't mean it tastes good!! This by no means is a dig on In Style magazine....they know what to publish to get people's attention, and I'm sure it works.

If you are invited to a birthday party and see a cake which is an exact replica of Bella's New Moon cake....then run, AS FAST AS YOU CAN. No good can come from this obsession with these books!

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Burn Notice is back!!!!!!!!! yayy!

BURN NOTICE IS BACK!!!! I love this show. I love everything about it, although I am a little bit interested about how this season is going to turn out. See since Moon Bloodgood is joining the cast I am a little worried. I know that she is another spy boss or whatever that wants to take Michael Westen down. But didn't we just see this plot scenario with the last spy boss that Fiona killed off in the last episode of season 1? Please don't repeat the same storyline! I love this show and so do a lot of people and we really don't want to see it canned after the 2nd season. Hopefully I am totally wrong and it ends up an amazing season.

P.S. If you have never even seen Burn Notice then click here and watch full shows online!


Okay, so I know that I am a little slow to talk about this but....WHAT. THE. HECK!!! If you are becoming a mega star from this phenomenon called "Twilight" and I am supposing that you want to support the rumors that you are dating Rob Pattinson (because if you just denied them then no one would care about what you did) then why are you wearing this?! Don't get me wrong, it looks comfortable and I know this isn't that Oscars or anything, but seriously. You are not starting any trend, you are following one. You are not wearing anything that makes more people want to go buy converse shoes (which I'm pretty sure everyone has already). You are also not the first person to wear something like this at the MTV movie WHY ARE YOU DOING IT??? We expected better from you, even I expected better from you! You are only feeding the rumors that you are drug user by doing this. Be smarter next time, ask Rob's stylist to dress you so AT LEAST you could look like you could be in the same relam of girls that he might date (which in my opinion he is NOT dating you, he is only feeding the rumors to help out the Twilight saga media attention).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cavallari and Conrad wearing the same color....planned?! Duh

I began watching the season finale of "The Hills" (I really must have been bored) when it became VERY obvious that arch enemies Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad showed up to Speidi's wedding....WEARING....THE....SAME.....COLOR....OUTFIT! G-A-S-P. No need to worry though, both woman are making it very obvious to even the most dense crowd that this is the new Summer color. It would not surprise me at all if within the next several weeks this exact color starts popping up in clothing stores EVERYWHERE. But why exactly? Arn't this just 2 random early 20's rich chicks with camera's on them that are merely famous just because they are early 20's rich chicks with camera's on them? EXACTLY. But we will still see this color pop up eveywhere are it will be purchased by everyone....SIGH.

Oh, and PS....These coordinating outfits were planned....I would almost bet money on it.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jack in the Box offensive....Seriously?

Ok, I know this is supposed to be a fashion blog, but every once and a while I am going to drive into issues in the advertising world (possibly because my degree is in advertising and I have such a soft spot for it!)

Anyways, as I was reading the Sunday May 31st edition of the Houston Chronicle when I noticed Ken Hoffman's article. Apparently, the Sunday before someone had written in complaining about this menopause Jack in the Box commercial. Now, I will admit that most of Jack in the Box commercials in the past have been stupid. However, I am kinda proud of this one getting all of this attention. It's still stupid, but it has an edge too it. A edge you do not see very often in fast food commercials. Along with Jack in the Box new adaptation to their logo, they are branching out into new branding territory. They have become more creative, their ad's are making more of an impact, even if it might be negative to a few uptight menopausal woman out there.

Oh, and by the way. Jack in the Box's target audience is not you woman over is the younger audience who can relate to how crazy you all are. So your not supposed to think it's funny anyways....not everything is targeted to you!

Blue nail polish....WHY?!

So, of course the very first thing I do when I am off for summer is buy a few magazines (tabloids and fashion ones of course!) and sit back and look at all the new summer fashions.

I became DISMAYED!! Right there on page 60 of Life & Style magazine titled "Summer's surprising polishes" Surprising indeed....not only were there blues, but also green, purple, orange and yellow. This isn't the only magazine I have picked up this summer to feature OPI's No Room for the Blues new blue polish. WHY?? I mean seriously, it doesn't look professional. And it is just going to seep into your nails and turn them even more yellow.

I know this is just a that I feel is doing more harm than good. Please people, save the $7 you would spend on these nail polishes on something that won't go out of style in about 10 minutes.