Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cavallari and Conrad wearing the same color....planned?! Duh

I began watching the season finale of "The Hills" (I really must have been bored) when it became VERY obvious that arch enemies Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad showed up to Speidi's wedding....WEARING....THE....SAME.....COLOR....OUTFIT! G-A-S-P. No need to worry though, both woman are making it very obvious to even the most dense crowd that this is the new Summer color. It would not surprise me at all if within the next several weeks this exact color starts popping up in clothing stores EVERYWHERE. But why exactly? Arn't this just 2 random early 20's rich chicks with camera's on them that are merely famous just because they are early 20's rich chicks with camera's on them? EXACTLY. But we will still see this color pop up eveywhere are it will be purchased by everyone....SIGH.

Oh, and PS....These coordinating outfits were planned....I would almost bet money on it.

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