Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Okay, so I know that I am a little slow to talk about this but....WHAT. THE. HECK!!! If you are becoming a mega star from this phenomenon called "Twilight" and I am supposing that you want to support the rumors that you are dating Rob Pattinson (because if you just denied them then no one would care about what you did) then why are you wearing this?! Don't get me wrong, it looks comfortable and I know this isn't that Oscars or anything, but seriously. You are not starting any trend, you are following one. You are not wearing anything that makes more people want to go buy converse shoes (which I'm pretty sure everyone has already). You are also not the first person to wear something like this at the MTV movie WHY ARE YOU DOING IT??? We expected better from you, even I expected better from you! You are only feeding the rumors that you are drug user by doing this. Be smarter next time, ask Rob's stylist to dress you so AT LEAST you could look like you could be in the same relam of girls that he might date (which in my opinion he is NOT dating you, he is only feeding the rumors to help out the Twilight saga media attention).

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