Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making a cake from "New Moon" WHAT?!

(This isn't the cake that I am talking about, but you get the point).

Now, I enjoy the Twilight saga just like most of you out there. I read all four books, I own the first movie...etc. I even enjoy reading from time to time little info about whats going on at the New Moon set.

However, THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! I got on Twitter a minute ago and noticed the following post from In Stlye magazine: "Have Bella's Birthday Cake (And Eat It Too!)" It was all about that one scene in New Moon with Bella's *fake* birthday cake and how you could recreate it for yourself.


Make your own birthday cake! So what if he came out of a doesn't mean it tastes good!! This by no means is a dig on In Style magazine....they know what to publish to get people's attention, and I'm sure it works.

If you are invited to a birthday party and see a cake which is an exact replica of Bella's New Moon cake....then run, AS FAST AS YOU CAN. No good can come from this obsession with these books!

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  1. I agree! By the way just started reading Twilight great book, but I don't want Bella's cake or her life like some girls do.