Friday, June 19, 2009

16 and Pregnant....?????

It is so comforting to know that if I want to become MTV famous, I should just go back in time and become pregnant at 16 and then I can be on TV!! Seriously, please please NO!!! I know that it is supposed to be a show that informs people of the hard work and responsibility it is to have a baby. However, the episodes that I have seen just make me feel like the people put on the show are more into being on TV than having their child. That just makes me sad. I know a few people who have had a baby at a young age, but all of them behaved as adults and not like famewhores (Spiedi anyone?!)

On a good point, when you do get on MTV's web site for 16 and Pregnant is that all the advertisements around are for condoms. BRAVO!!

My favorite quote from the show: "after having my baby, I realized that they don't teach you how to take care of babies in high school" DUH!!!! Watch the show for more interesting tidbits of comments like that one :)

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  1. Okay so this post made me curious about the show so I watched this past weekend. Wow, lets just help the teenager to have sex and have babies!